Here to Help!

Our friendly staff is here to answer all of your questions from the time you choose your new family addition and throughout your lifetime together.

We are located at 31 Roseland Avenue, Caldwell, NJ. Additional parking is located in the Municipal lot across the street. Call us 973-403-2900 or better yet just drop in!

Our Babies

Our babies come with written Care and Feeding instructions, One Year written Health Guarantee and Lifetime behavioral support. New “parents” are welcome to visit their baby until they are fully weaned and ready to go home. This helps in giving your baby a much easier transition from our home to his/her forever home. A deposit reserves your baby until he/she is fully weaned and ready to go home.

Sorry, but deposits are non-refundable.

Settling in Nicely

I just wanted to let you know that our little friend has settled in nicely. We love him and he seems to grow more and more fond of us daily. In the morning, he comes out of his snuggle hut voluntarily, when we appear to open the cage.


Zeke is loving his time in PA. Both the vet and her assistant were in love with him. Who isn’t. :) He also loves his playgym here. He loves to sit on it and hang out on the sun patio and watch the birds. He also would just sit there for hours and was being good.

We are a small Exotic Bird Store specializing in well socialized Handfed baby Parrots. We carry a full line of Cages, Food, Toys and Treats – everything you'll need to keep your baby happy and healthy. We also offer grooming and boarding.